Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Velvet Sky On The Set Of Walkaways Movie

TNA professional wrestler Velvet Sky (Talia Madison) took time out from her busy schedule to take part in the new Walkaways movie that just wrapped shooting. Her big scene involved her "butt". Yes that's right. Squeezed into some fine looking jeans supplied by the National Jean Company, Velvet's part was to look hot walking down a city sidewalk. And I'm here to tell you she looked awesome doing just that.

After several takes the crew moved to
another location where she shot a promo for the movie on a 4 post bed. Familiar with corner posts, Velvet delivered her lines perfectly. The promo will soon be seen on YouTube, but the best part of all this - she wore a few Naked Motel t-shirts as you can see in these outtakes. For more of Velvet Sky click here.

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Can we say over-matched?

Aah.......It was a hard day.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Double Cross is Hot!

Well I know it's been for ever and a day since I have posted anything on the blog, so-shoot me! As usual things are either moving at warp speed or a snails pace at Naked Motel.
We have been working hard on some new designs and a new look for the web site and finally have some new things that we are happy to share. The new designs haven't really hit the street yet and we have already been getting excellent feedback on them. We have been having a hard time keeping the samples from going out the door with people. Every time I turn around we are out of something because we have been selling what we have to our friends or people that have stopped by the studio to visit. They see the shirts, and end up talking us into selling them one right there on the spot, ( How do you say no to your friends?) this may sound great to you but it's not the way to do things. We are really happy that people seem to like the new stuff a lot, but every time we sell stuff that way we end up hurting ourselves because we need to order more samples. To see the new designs and a look at the redesign of the website click on the link I posted here.
If you do take the time to check us out I'd love to hear back from you and get your feedback on the new designs and how the site is. Of course I , we hope you like what you see but I would love to hear good or bad from whoever takes the time to visit and look.

While I think of it many thanks have to go to our good friends at Real Art Ways for all their input and constant help whenever we we need it. If you have never heard of them click on the link I put here and check them out, well worth your time. Every city should be so lucky to have something as cool to go to.

As I mentioned above we have just posted the new designs on the nakedmotel site and you can check in and check them out there. Before I catch too much heat I will answer the question I have been getting asked a lot recently. Yes all the new designs are for women, we know that. Yes we are going to add stuff for guys and are working on it but don't want to put something out that we wouldn't wear ourselves. We currently have a few designs for guys shirts we are happy with and are just trying to fill out the line so its about the same size as the current womens collection. All I can say is stay tuned, we hope to have those done really soon.

We try to follow our own voice and not be slaves to what everyone else is doing, so our designs tend to take a while to develop but really do end up being rather timeless because of this. If it seems to some like we might be missing the boat or slow in pumping out new designs all I can say is we are trying to do as much as we can but will not put out something we don't like just to put out a new design. Thanks in advance for understanding this. Until you try and start something like your own line you just can't image how many things you need to do in order to get your designs to market. The design part is just one small part of the equation and for us it is the most fun. If all we had to do was design that would be great, but at this point if we don't concentrate on the other parts of the business we just won't move forward.

If you do visit the site, and have been on it before you will see that it looks all new, although it's not anywhere near where we want it to be. Admittedly we are not as quick at getting things done on the site as we would like, but we seem to be moving forward some and hopefully eventually we will pick up the pace more and get it together better.

Before I close this post I want to tell anyone that happens to land here that doesn't already know about us if you go to the our site,, and decide to buy something make sure you sign up to be on our mailing list before you make your purchase . You can save money right away. We will send you a special discount code to plug into the shopping cart to save money on your first purchase.
I guess that's all for now.

Hope to get back here with more news soon

Best to all.

Enjoy Naked Motel

Scott V

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Indie labels lead the way.

Ok, so I said I would post things here more frequently and it probably seems like I am a great big, fat liar.To say there are not enough hours in the day to get things done would be an understatement! In an effort to try and get more visibility for Naked Motel I have been starting to list some of our items on EBAY. I have no idea if this is a good idea or a waste of time yet but we have been selling some things there so I guess I need to give it some time, and see what happens with it. The goal of using EBAY is not to compete against the retailers that we work with, but rather to hopefully bring more awareness to Naked Motel so that it helps the retailers that we work with. There is just no way we can compete with the big guys in the marketplace. If it comes down to mere financial resources they will just squish us like a bug, if we try to compete with them on their turf. We are truly in a David vs. Goliath battle for recognition when it comes to this.Because of this I thought EBAY might make sense for us. I am not sure whether we will always have things on EBAY, but to see if we are running any auctions all you have to do is search under Naked Motel on the EBAY site, and if we are there it will take you to all of our current listings. the link below is what we currently have posted there.

I had not really been on EBAY in a really long time, and I was amazed att how many apparel brands are peddling their wares on EBAY. Chalk it up to being out of touch, or consumed by the other tasks I need to try and get done. I found names and brands of all kinds there, ceertainly some are very main stream well known names, but many that I had never heard of before that appear to have significant cult followers. This led me to do a little research on some of these brands a bit more and came up with this recent article that I want to share about the ground swell of small indie design labels like Naked Motel. To read the entire article click on the link I have provided below. I tried to save it out as an RSS feed to post here but an unsure if that worked as I wanted it to. ( Yet more technology I needto know how to figure out)
The article gave me hope that there is a place for Naked Motel that we are on the right path we just have not got there yet. I know our designs are strong and that we have a unique look to us. We always get nice comments on our shirts and designs when people see them, I really believe we just have not been found yet. We are a true underdog,clawing its way up bit by bit, eventually we will get to where we are going. Anyhow I will leave you with the link i have porvided so that you can read the article and see what some other indie brands are doing and get a little glimpse into why I think Naked omtel is on the right path to have it's voice heard.

Until next time, which is hopefully sooner than later.


Naked Motel

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crown Dozen

Boy have I been neglectful! I have been trying to post stuff here for what seems like forever and it just never seems to happen. So if anybody is still reading this or cares I am sorry I have not been good at getting my act together and trying to make the blog better.

Anyhow- enough of my whinning. I got my ass out of bed early this AM and when I got to the studio the first thing I did was take a spin around the web to see if I could find anything of interest to post before I dug into a day of work. I went over to Beautiful Decay because I always seem to find neat things over there and sure enough I found a link to a site called Crown Dozen. The site is very similar to Beautiful Decay so for all I know it might just be an extension of it.

Once there I found a treasure trove of interesting things. Admittedly the site is where a bunch of opinionated writers tell you what's hot and what isn't worth a crap. Fortunately for me a lot of the stuff I saw on the site I like, and I know it's hot. I found a really good article on Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath, founders of Ugly Doll, and another on genius illustrator, painter,artist Gary Baseman.

I love Ugly Doll, think its not only a great idea but proof that there's always room in the marketplace for the weird and offbeat, you don't have to be like everyone else to find success. in fact it appears its more often reached when you don't follow anyone else's idea but rather you strike out with your own thing and live or die by it. If your lucky and luck does play a big part in it you get to live really, really well.

I know some might wonder why would I want to put stuff like this on Naked Motel. Don't we just sell clothes? Well no, not really, we're into a lot more than that. I put this stuff here because it fits so well with who Naked Motel is. Everything I saw on the site is by indie-non main stream designers and artist, just like us. Some of them have got their break others like us are still slugging in out in the trenches.

I used to think when somebody would say something like I don't do it for the money it was a bunch of crap. Personally I have to say yeah, the money is part of it for sure, we all need it or life sucks, but truthfully most of the real creative people I know, myself included do it because we have to. We have to design, paint, draw, create whatever because its who we are, it's what we do. I think if they were to cut a bunch of us open you would find we all have some kind of the same weird mutant DNA genome. It's very much a curse in some ways. Often times I think "god it would be so much easier to just punch a clock for someone else", but I like many others I know can't do that, not that there is anything wrong with it.

I put Crown Dozen here because they are helping to advance what are often the misfits of the world, which I count Naked Motel to be one. It's here because like Naked Motel it's different. I am so glad I found it. Crown Dozen reconfirms what I as a designer and Naked Motel are striving to do. It reaffirms my belief to be different. It shows me there is room for those of us that are, the ones that don't fit into the cookie cutter mainstream of Target stores and strip malls. Naked Motel is on the same bus as many of the other artist and designers you see posted on sites like Crown Dozen we just haven't been found yet, or reached our stop. If we stay on the bus long enough though eventually we will where we are suppose to be.

We have never been profiled or posted on the Crown Dozen site, and we don't owe them anything. I just like the site and what they do a lot. While they certainly don't need a plug from us, if you haven't done it already go check them out now at I hope they have the good luck and good fortune to continue doing what they do for a really longtime. The web is a better place with sites like their's. They oooze cool!

I guess I should stop here now. Looking at this I probably sound like the crazy guy down the street talking to myself pushing a three wheeled shopping cart into incoming traffic. Hopefully I will get back in the swing of things soon and start posting on a more regular basis. Hope anyone who stops to look enjoyed the rant till next time.

One last thing. While your at Crown Dozen make sure you check out the winter photos by Martin Wolf Wagner. Hauntingly beautiful.

All for now

Naked Motel

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Happy New Year

OK, So I'm a few days out of sync with a New Years greeting, but what else is new. I hope you all had a good New Year and that only good things come your way in the New Year ahead. Least I should forget to say it thanks to everyone that's visited the blog and supported us at Naked Motel in the past year. It's really appreciated. I love working on Naked Motel, all parts of it, and without your continued support I, we couldn't do it. I understand we all need to make money, but for me it's not all about the shameless commerce of selling but rather the feeling I get when someone buys one of our shirts. It's a great feeling knowing that someone "gets the design" we've created, enough to plunk down some of their hard earned dollars and buy it, It's humbling. I hope I never lose site of that feeling when Naked Motel finally becomes more visible. Once again Thank you.

A quick update for those who have been asking, yes we are working on new designs, we hope to have them done soon and added to the site before the end of the month. Not to sound lame but everything is still a blur from the holidays and we are just tying up some loose ends on that came in after the holiday. I'm hoping to have the line and all the business stuff we need to do done by February so that with luck I could get out to the MAGIC show in Vegas and visit with some friends we've made out there.

Well as much as I would like to continue with this,the more time I spend writing stuff here the longer it's going to be before I get those new designs finished, so I guess that's all for now. I hope to get better at posting stuff here, we are still trying to figure out what exactly Naked Motel blog is. I'm still waiting for the AHA moment that happens when everything becomes clear. I sure hope it comes soon,back with more later.


Naked Motel

Friday, December 29, 2006

Cool Grrrls Kick Ass

Cool Grrrls is a site that I just recently discovered that I thought I should shamelessly plug, although it probably needs no help from me. The site has been around for over 10 years and I can see why. When you land on the home page it's masthead says it all " the worldwide grrrls guide to all that grooves". The site features a list of cool grrl correspondents from all over the world that report on the hottest things going on in the punk rock music scene, and beyond. Read the columns and your likely to see interviews on festivals from all over the world, as well as off the hook shows they've caught at hole in the wall clubs by bands that have been around for ever, and more interesting the ones you probably ain't never heard of before. if you like punk rock and the underground music scene at any level this site is deifinitely worth a trip to see.

If you think the site is just for grrls your gonna loose if you snooze. Well worth the visit but hey don't believe me check it out cool grrls for yourself.

As Always, Enjoy


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Check Under The Hoodie

With the crush of the holiday in full force the Naked Motel Blog took a back seat to holiday things I needed to do least I get thrown out of my family. Although Christmas has already past I hope that for those that are already back to work that the rest of the week is light so that their holiday festivities can continue at least until the New Year arrives.I am a firm believer that for the most part the week between Christmas and New Years should be a Holiday week for all. We shouldn't have to try and jam all our festivities into one short 24 hour period, it's just not right.

I saw this article in the NY Times over the weekend and thought I would post it to try and gradually get back into the swing of things. Its a quick read on the history of the Hoodie and where it is today. To read more click here. Hoodies.