Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Indie labels lead the way.

Ok, so I said I would post things here more frequently and it probably seems like I am a great big, fat liar.To say there are not enough hours in the day to get things done would be an understatement! In an effort to try and get more visibility for Naked Motel I have been starting to list some of our items on EBAY. I have no idea if this is a good idea or a waste of time yet but we have been selling some things there so I guess I need to give it some time, and see what happens with it. The goal of using EBAY is not to compete against the retailers that we work with, but rather to hopefully bring more awareness to Naked Motel so that it helps the retailers that we work with. There is just no way we can compete with the big guys in the marketplace. If it comes down to mere financial resources they will just squish us like a bug, if we try to compete with them on their turf. We are truly in a David vs. Goliath battle for recognition when it comes to this.Because of this I thought EBAY might make sense for us. I am not sure whether we will always have things on EBAY, but to see if we are running any auctions all you have to do is search under Naked Motel on the EBAY site, and if we are there it will take you to all of our current listings. the link below is what we currently have posted there.


I had not really been on EBAY in a really long time, and I was amazed att how many apparel brands are peddling their wares on EBAY. Chalk it up to being out of touch, or consumed by the other tasks I need to try and get done. I found names and brands of all kinds there, ceertainly some are very main stream well known names, but many that I had never heard of before that appear to have significant cult followers. This led me to do a little research on some of these brands a bit more and came up with this recent article that I want to share about the ground swell of small indie design labels like Naked Motel. To read the entire article click on the link I have provided below. I tried to save it out as an RSS feed to post here but an unsure if that worked as I wanted it to. ( Yet more technology I needto know how to figure out)
The article gave me hope that there is a place for Naked Motel that we are on the right path we just have not got there yet. I know our designs are strong and that we have a unique look to us. We always get nice comments on our shirts and designs when people see them, I really believe we just have not been found yet. We are a true underdog,clawing its way up bit by bit, eventually we will get to where we are going. Anyhow I will leave you with the link i have porvided so that you can read the article and see what some other indie brands are doing and get a little glimpse into why I think Naked omtel is on the right path to have it's voice heard.


Until next time, which is hopefully sooner than later.


Naked Motel

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