Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dead Batteries for Christmas

In my opinion one of the coolest things about the web is the ability to see new ideas and businesses that people are coming up with that prior to the web probably couldn't exist.There seems to be an endless supply of new ideas and information being posted everyday.It's got to be the ultimate market bazaar. For sure there is a lot of crap but every once in awhile you come across something that's brilliant.I recently stumbled upon and truly wished I thought of the idea.I hope they make a bundle

Dead Batteries takes AA batteries the find you find in TV/stereo remotes and re wraps them in skins,similar to the skins we are wrapping our I-pods and cell phones with. It looks like they have about 15 different style posted on the site but are adding new ones all the time, thet even have a section where you can submit an idea if you think they suck and you could do it better.Once wrapped the batteries still work in fact they guarantee them, and once the graphic is applied it turns the battery into a little "object d' Arte".For a couple of bucks you get these cool looking little batteries sure to be a point of interest with graphics featuring things like pulp fiction, boy-toy romance novels and a psychedelics.

The site itself is non too shabby I think I would describe it best by saying its got a recycled-urban destroy feel about it. Dark and abrasive. Its the kind of site and product I love finding.Check this place out. You won't regret it. I'm gonna order some of their batteries as soon as I finish this post.

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